Guidelines For Setting or Creating Filters

The 7 filter categories are: Language, Violence, Nudity, Sexuality, Obscenity, Disturbing, and Fluff. For all categories except Language and Fluff there are 3 accompanying severity levels: Mild, Moderate, and Extreme. Language has no severity level because individual words can be blocked or allowed. Fluff doesn't need a severity level. While the distinction between severity levels is entirely subjective and could be different for everyone, you can be guided by the following simple principles relative to people who want their video content filtered:

  • Extreme: The vast majority of viewers would want this filtered out.
  • Moderate: Many viewers would want this filtered out.
  • Mild: Some viewers may want this filtered out, especially for young children.


Language is a special case in ZingFilter because instead of selecting Extreme, Moderate, or Mild, you actually enter the exact word. This allows for very granular user settings. If you encounter a string of objectionable language with no (or very few) regular words in between, you may find it difficult or impossible to apply a separate marker for each and every word. In these rare cases, feel free to apply a single mute or skip across all the words and select the most extreme word for the marker identifer.


Violence can be either visual or audio, but all else being equal, audio-only violence would usually be less severe.
  • Extreme: Graphic, heavy, gruesome, extremely bloody, torture, or disturbing violence. Primarily found in R-rated movies, but occasionally found in PG-13 as well.
  • Moderate: Moderately violent shooting, fighting, stabbing. Everything less than Extreme and more than Mild. Most violence from PG-13 action movies would fit in this category.
  • Mild: A single punch or kick, a mild fight, etc.


Nudity must be visual — no audio.
  • Extreme: Full frontal nudity or female top
  • Moderate: Full backside, very revealing elsewhere, extreme cleavage, naked children
  • Mild: Normal cleavage, shirtless male, naked babies, etc


Can be either visual or audio, but all else being equal, audio-only sexuality would usually be less severe. Sexual dialogue without visual sexual/romantic interraction would be the Obscenity category.
  • Extreme: Heavy sexuality + nudity
  • Moderate: Heavy sexuality while clothed or under blanket, etc / heavy sexual dialogue while visually interacting
  • Mild: Heavy romantic interaction, heavy kissing, moderate romantic dialogue during interaction


Does not include profanity or cuss words, but rather dialogue, gestures, scenes, or situations that are vulgar, crude, sexually suggestive, crass, or offensive. Refer back to top-level guidelines for Extreme, Moderate, and Mild.


Disturbing, gross, disgusting, or grotesque visual or audio. Nonviolent, non-sexual. Disturbing violence should go in the Violence->Heavy category. Disturbing sexuality should go in the Sexuality category. Can be either visual or audio, but all else being equal, audio-only disturbing would usually be less severe. If it fits better in another category, put it there instead of here. This is also a catch-all for things that people may find offensive or gross, but doesn't fit in other categories. Refer back to top-level guidelines for Extreme, Moderate, and Mild.


Fluff is any content that is boring, dull, or slow—and truly unnecessary for the video. Some informational videos, for example, begin with long-winded introductions or prefaces by the host that most viewers would prefer to skip. This could also include advertising/sponsorship-style plugs by the host.

Filter creators: Avoid twisting yourself in knots trying to decide between severity levels for any given scene or portion of dialogue. Use your best judgment along with the guidelines in this page, listen to feedback from viewers, and continue to refine your filters when needed. The ratings you receive for your filters will be an excellent indication as to whether you're hitting the mark consistently—or missing it. Try to place yourself in the minds of viewers who don't want to be exposed to the junk and garbage (or boring fluff) that exist in some YouTube videos. Also place yourself in the minds of parents trying to protect their children from objectionable material. And remember that when a scene or bit of dialogue needs to be filtered, any classification of that marker is better than no marker at all, so use your judgment along with the guidelines in this page to make your decisions.